Our Values



We shall aspire to always tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help us God.



We shall endeavor to hold ourselves to the highest standards and ethics.



We shall aim to always present the facts objectively, impartially, and unbiased.

Who We Are

We believe Oklahoma City is a great place to live, and we want the rest of the world to know.


Founded in 2018, amid a fake news media crisis, The Oklahoma City Journal was created intent upon establishing itself as a reliable news source worthy of competing on the world stage, seeking to provide fair and honest news locally, nationally, and globally.

Meet the Editor

Katrina Crumbacher is the Editor in Chief, Chief Executive Officer, and founder of The Oklahoma City Journal. She has been writing professionally since June 2017, when she accepted a position as a news reporter at The OU Daily, a collegiate newspaper based out of the University of Oklahoma in Norman.

Miss Crumbacher attended the University of Oklahoma from August 2016 to October 2017. During that time, she studied Chemical Engineering then later switched to Journalism.

Katrina Crumbacher is currently working on improving The Oklahoma City Journal's website and starting OKCJ off with a solid foundation.

She can be reached on Twitter or Instagram at @katcrumbacher. She also manages The Oklahoma City Journal's social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook at @okcjournal.